Our MISSION is to stay free.
That is why we are a collective:


Because roots act as a diffuse brain. Inspired by the plant world and its ability to communicate and develop evolutionary strategies through its roots, we have made plurality and sharing the basis of our working method. It is an exercise in freedom: we allow ourselves to range between different expressive codes, to enter into collaborations with artists and craftsmen from different backgrounds, and to choose which places to inhabit temporarily, making them an integral part of our projects.


Because we are alien to the custom of permanent settlement, we remain alien to the logic and conditioning of the art market.


Because the time we take to set up a project shows that we have no interest in producing entertainment shows: ours is a time for something else. A time to intercept the urgencies of today, the unspeakable questions, the possible answers, the dramaturgical and technological codes to experiment with.


“Because love is the most difficult art. And writing, dancing, composing, painting are the same as loving. Funambulisms. The most difficult thing is to advance without falling” SNOW_Maxence Fermine

NEVE_Maxence Fermine


Because we take on different forms, adapting our productions to the spaces for which we are asked: outdoor and indoor projects, modular, agile, modifiable forms that know how to integrate with ever-changing panoramas and desires. Communicating, engaging and reaching out to the public is our illuminating beacon.

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